Corporate Security

We work on several fronts to efficiently solve customer demands, within their specificities.

We work with security consulting services in order to avoid risks and fraud, minimizing the impacts to the companies.

Risk analysis and management

Risk management is a strategic part of corporate decision making. All companies are exposed to risks when buying products, hiring people, making investments. Risk management aims to reduce the number of uncertainties and minimize the effect of those that may occur.

Security systems development

The development of security systems ensures that security is an integral part of the organization’s information system.

They also help to protect the confidentiality, authenticity or integrity of the information.

Crisis and emergency management

An undesirable event is understood as an emergency, which in continuity can lead to a crisis.

Crisis management includes protocols in Corporate Security to be adopted by the organization in cases of emergency to minimize impacts and reduce losses.

Business continuity

The business continuity plan serves to be executed in the event of an unwanted event. This ensures that the company continues its essential activities and that the business returns to full operation as soon as possible.

Personal protection

We assist in the set of security practices and measures, research and monitoring also for individuals, in order to protect their integrity.

Security reviews and audits

Security audits serve to ensure that good practices are being applied and that all information in the organization is secure.

Process mapping

Process mapping serves to understand how a business unit is operating and representing each part of the organization.

Mapping is necessary to understand the organization’s difficulties and to identify processes improvement.

Technical counter-espionage actions

The counter-espionage service aims to combat any espionage strategies that may have been implemented against the company. It aims to ensure that confidential information is not leaked from the company to competitors.


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