Intelligence and Investigations

We work on several fronts to efficiently solve customer demands, within their specificities.

We work with several research fronts to offer effective solutions for each client.

Intelligence and Investigations

Intellectual Property

It is the area of Law that, through a ruling system, guarantees inventors or those responsible for any production of the intellect – whether in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic domains – the right to obtain, for a certain period of time, a reward for its creation/invention



Due diligence

It aims to reduce the risks involved in any transactions. The investigation of prior diligence provides information to the potential investor to support its decision making, knowing the business in depth, including information about involvement in any illegal or questionable activities that could jeopardize the profitability of the operation.



Corporate Investigations:

CIBR works with corporate investigations in order to avoid fraud, which are constant threats that arise in different ways and negatively affect the activities of private and even public organizations, national and international.

We work to resolve conflicts through discovery of facts and personalized critical analysis according to each client.


Competitive intelligence:

It is a manner to proactively anticipate market trends and gather relevant information on the behavior of the competitors, but also competitive intelligence of customers and the market as a whole, ensuring better results in the decision-making process in the short and long terms.

  • Pre-employment and pre-contractual surveys
  • Research and analysis of electronic documents
  • Electronic data recovery


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