Financial Consulting

We work on several fronts to efficiently solve customer demands, within their specificities.

We work with financial advisory services in order to maximize results, decrease costs and avoid fraud.

Financial investigations    

Consultancy with the objective of identifying and mitigating irregularities in financial processes including the areas and processes most exposed to risks, fraud, suspicious transactions, conflicts of interest and active and passive corruption.

Investigation of potential fraudulent actions, with financial analysis in order to create mechanisms for the prevention, detection and remediation of vulnerabilities that may affect the company’s strategic objectives, as well as its results.


Financial Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a process that studies, analyzes and evaluates information from a specific company and / or individuals. It is carried out to investigate and diagnose the financial management, accounting and tax, labor, social security, environmental, legal, real estate, intellectual property and even technological management of the company or individuals.

Business Valuation

Risk assessment and attractiveness of a business, we are prepared to assist national and international companies and individuals assisting in the analysis of opportunities.


Investigative Accounting

Investigative Accounting seeks to identify and eliminate fraudulent or inappropriate procedures that may cause harm to companies.


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