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The CIBR is a company totally dedicated to provide consulting services in risk analysis and management.


Created more than two decades ago, in partnership with specialized associates from different areas, it was able to expand its services becoming a global operating company.

Acting in several business areas, we provide a wide range of services that assist our clients in preventing and combating threats, minimizing risks and protecting business and assets, especially considering the peculiarities of each client and different sectors, always with legal support and in compliance with the legal regulation.


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Global operations

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We are a proactive company in the search for the best solutions for our clients, with results of better added value, general competitive prices and strong performance in specific programs created and developed in a personalized manner for each client.

Recognized for relevant results obtained through investigations of technical fraud, financial fraud and corporate and competitive intelligence, we have developed the ability to gather the necessary knowledge and understanding of the client in the marketplace, providing appropriate strategic definitions and the effective implementation of the actions necessary to the objective result, always with excellence in service quality.

We are pioneers in the protection of trademarks and patents in Brazil, and in the protection of intellectual property rights in general in several sectors such as: industrial, financial, services, agribusiness, commerce, public, associations, federations and the like, sports and culture.

Customized Services

Competitive prices

Global operations

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