Wide range of services that support our clients on the prevention and combating of threats, risk mitigation and business assets protection, considering the peculiarities of each client and different industries.

Denounce Channel
Creates and maintains a communication channel with the general public in order to receive denounces related to fraud against the clients thru tools such as mail box or hotline.
Distributors and Resellers Audits
In some cases the clients’ distributors and resellers might be involved on the fraud and therefore investigations and audits are developed based on proper technical procedures to confirm that.
Legal Consulting
The CIBR’s main objective is the protection of all client’s resources and assets including Trademarks, Brands, Patents, Products, Employees, etc. always coordinating actions among its professional teams of experts, investigators and attorneys that will evaluate the best strategy for the case. Its Legal Consulting comprises different law areas such as: Penal Law, Intellectual Property Law, Trademarks and Patents Rights, Tax Law, Labor Law and Civil Law.
Investigations on Received Denounces
Development of investigations based on received denounces and/or confirmed fraud. In some cases the final result is a law enforcement coordinated operation for the seizure of counterfeit products or any other illegal ones, including proper actions for the involved subjects’ arrest.
Products Security Features Consulting
The CIBR provides its clients the necessary consulting on the most advanced available technologies for the products certification of authenticity thru the use of security features such as special imprinting and labels, surface effects and others.
Technical Analysis
The CIBR gather experts from different areas in order to provide the investigations the necessary evidences to the cases. Includes Accounting, Electronic, Automotive and Informatics experts, as well as technical analysis of counterfeit products with the proper issue of analysis letters. The CIBR also provides and receives the assistance of national and international institutions.
Market Research
In some cases a market research is an efficient tool to determine the amount of defrauded products in the marketplace and its distribution. In that sense CIBR is able to establish an action plan to properly combat the verified and confirmed defrauded products situation.


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