Brasil pode perder benefícios de tarifas alfandegárias não estar protegendo a propriedade intele

"On Friday, Feb. 5th, the IACC submitted comments to the U.S. Trade Representative as part of this year's Special 301 review, highlighting countries that fail to provide adequate protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. This year's submission included comments on a total of 23 countries, 7 of which - Brazil, China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Ukraine - we recommended for inclusion on USTR's Priority Watch List. Ten additional countries: Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey, UAE, and Vietnam; were recommended for inclusion at the Watch List level. Comments were also filed regarding 6 others - Hong Kong, Japan, Paraguay, the Philippines, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia - but with no specific recommendation for placement in USTR's final report. The full text of our recommendations is available on the Key Issues/Advocacy Page on the IACC website. Pursuant to statute, USTR's final report to Congress will be published on or about April 30, 2

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Fonte: IACC - 25/02/2016 - 25/02/2016


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